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Thanks to Valentine’s Day, February is the month of LOVE. Throughout the month we remember the importance of love, appreciate our relationships, and spend time with those we care about. But did you know there are more benefits to love than receiving valentines, chocolates, and roses? In fact, love has actually been shown to improve mental and physical health! So, we did our research and put together this list of our favorite health perks of love, or #LovePerks, to share with you!

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 Love Perk #1

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Clearer Skin: High stress levels can cause stress acne from higher cortisol levels in the body. When our love life is in order, we have a lot less to stress about, which makes our skin happy and healthy!

Love Perk #2

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Enhanced Heart Health: Because love reduces stress levels, cholesterol levels decrease, which decreases the probability of a heart attack, making our hearts (and our loved ones) very happy!

Love Perk #3

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Fewer Colds: Research shows that when couples are frequently engaging in positive and constructive conflict resolution (as opposed to a negative behavior of fighting), they have stronger immune systems. So, it is recommended to discuss conflicts in a loving and positive way while avoiding “stonewalling” each other.

Love Perk #4

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Improved Mental Health: A wide range of health professionals support marriage because staying happily married and having a loving and reliable companion can reduce depression. A stable relationship can also reduce anxiety by reducing stress levels. Simply stated, healthy and loving relationships increase personal happiness!

Love Perk #5

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Faster Healing: In a study preformed at Ohio State Medical Center, loving married couples exhibited relatively fast healing times for flesh wounds. How fast? Almost twice as fast as couples that exhibited hostility towards each other!

 Love Perk #6

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Reduced Pain: Ever hold your spouse’s hand when you are in pain? Well, it actually works! Research has found that holding the hand of your spouse while in pain can decrease the perceived levels of pain, especially when yours is a loving and trusting relationship!

Love Perk #7

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Stress Management: Common evidence shows a link between social support and stress management. What better way to de-stress than by feeling the love and support of someone who loves you and showing love in return?