Childbirth, massive weight loss, and other changes can leave your stomach sagging or drooping. Eliminate excess skin and tone up with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) performed by Dr. Ralston.


Women or men looking to remove additional skin from their abdomen. Women who plan to have more children should consider postponing the procedure, and candidates should be at an ideal weight for their height in order to get the most from it, as weight fluctuations can impact the result.


After you are put under anesthesia, an incision will be made across the hipbone. Excess, sagging skin will be removed, and the remaining skin, muscle, and tissue will be adjusted, resulting in a flatter, firmer midsection. Your belly button may be moved in order to for your reshaped abdomen to accommodate its new placement. Your surgeon may also temporarily place drainage tubes under your skin to help facilitate the healing process.


After the procedure, you will be taken to an outpatient facility for 23 hour interim care. You will also need to wear a compression garment day and night for approximately four weeks. Two Jackson Pratt drains will be placed, and they will stay placed until they are no longer necessary. Your posture will be temporarily affected as well. A naval plug will be removed approximately five days after surgery, and sutures around your navel will be removed approximately two weeks after the procedure. Soaking the incision areas must be avoided until they are completely healed.


A tummy tuck will help firm up and flatten your abdomen. While not a weight loss procedure, a tummy tuck will remove some excess skin and fat, resulting in a firmer, flatter midsection.